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Distillery: The Diversity Type Project




Graphic designer

Project type

Typography and Collaborative

The Diversity Type Project celebrates individual backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Designers from all over the world contributed unique letters to help create the World's most diverse typeface.

I was part of this project creating the letterform 'N', the inspiration for this was from my polish heritage mixed with a more traditional readable style.

A total of 308 creatives from 54 countries have contributed to creating what is truly, the world’s most diverse typeface.

"Diversity is shown in this typeface through the variety of people who have contributed, inclusion is then how we weave the typeface into society and give those people a voice." Steve Wheen, Founder, distillery.

Partnered with:
D&AD, The Diversity Standards Collective, The Diversity Trust, People of Print, One Minute Briefs, Clear Channel, Zetafonts, Monotype

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