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D'Stassi Art Gallery


D'Stassi Art Gallery


Graphic Designer

Project type

Branding, Video and Photo Editing

D'Stassi Art is a renowned art gallery and creative space situated in the heart of East London. Since its inception, the gallery has carved a unique niche in the traditionally exclusive art world by providing a platform for the world's most inspiring emerging talent. With a passion for discovering and promoting exceptional works of art, the gallery aims to introduce clients to new and exciting artists who are making waves in the industry.

As a key member of the team, my primary responsibility is to help tell the stories of these gifted artists through various digital media. By creating captivating visual images and videos, I aim to draw in the audience and excite them about the artwork and emerging talent. Through my work, I hope to support D'Stassi Art's mission to diversify contemporary art audiences and challenge the traditional gallery formula.

In its commitment to being open and transparent, D'Stassi Art has become a trailblazer in a world where art is no longer confined to elitist, sterile, and often silent white-walled rooms. With a focus on immersive and inclusive events, the gallery and its staff act as storytellers, introducing clients to the rich and diverse narratives of some of the world's most compelling artists.

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