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Marketing, Graphic Design


Graphic Designer and Copy Writer

Haymarket is a global media brand dedicated to marketers and their agencies. The host an array of events covering PR Week, Power of AI, Blades Europe, Podcast Growth Summit, TV Ads Summit, Performance Marketing World, to name a few; as well as collaborating with brand's such as Campaign.

I collaborated closely with another graphic/motion designer to ensure the highest quality of work was achieved. Through our work with Haymarket, we crafted multiple motion graphics and assets for use across their website and other online media platforms. We created videos, banner advertisements and other online marketing pieces, which were not only visually appealing, but also generated engagement. By utilising advanced motion graphics techniques and animations, we created successful visuals to highlight each shows offerings and promotions, effectively boosting their brand reach.

I created compelling ad copy for Haymarket's events, spanning conversion, retargeting, and search ads, designed to resonate with wide audiences and drive meaningful interactions. Our collaborative efforts were not just about creating visually appealing content; they were about crafting experiences that captivated audiences and propelled Haymarket's brand presence to new heights.

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