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Lucia Magnani Health Clinic


Lucia Magnani

Project type

Art Direction

Lucia Magnani Health Clinic's mission is to offer longevity, prevention, well-being, and beauty solutions that prioritise their clients' overall health and wellness. They combine their extensive medical knowledge with cutting-edge science and technological solutions to offer clients advanced and effective treatments that are designed to maximise the health of their cells and fight oxidative stress, through preventative solutions and a correct lifestyle.

My primary role at Lucia Magnani Health Clinic was to create concept and strategy for the brand. I was responsible for creation and direction of photoshoots, social media, and graphic design e.g. event invitations and flyers. I was dedicated to creating materials that uphold Lucia Magnani's standards, reflecting the brand's key mission for providing health solutions with innovative science and technology. Additionally, my role was to help bring their story to life and to ensure that their brand is recognisable and consistent.

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